DOT Instructions

Instructions for how to setup the CRYO DOT can also be downloaded here: CRYO DOT Instructions (PDF)

How to Set Up Your CRYO DOT

1) Remove items from the box
You should have: 1 x Punch tool, 2 x Recovery Phrase sheets, 4 x CRYO plates & screws. If anything is missing or needs replacement contact us at

2) Grab a pen or fine tip marker
You will need a pen to write down your recovery seed words and corresponding BIP39 numbers. You may also need a permanent marker (if your pen is not sufficient) to mark the surface of the CRYO plates before using the punch tool.

3) Confirm your recovery phrase works
Before moving on, be 100% sure your recovery phrase can properly restore your crypto wallet. Check with your hardware wallet manufacturer to find instructions on how to confirm your recovery phrase.

4) Fill out the Recovery Phrase sheet
Copy the 12 or 24 recovery phrase generated from your hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor, etc) onto the Recovery Phrase sheet.

Write each word from the recovery phrase in order using the space next to the corresponding number. Keep the 4 boxes to the right of the word empty.

4) Find the corresponding BIP39 number for each word
Use the BIP39 word list (in this booklet) to find the BIP39 4-digit number for each word. Write the 4-digits (including any 0’s) in the 4 boxes to right of each word.

Continue until all BIP39 numbers have been recorded for each of the words.

5) Double-check to make sure everything is correct
Use the BIP39 list to make sure the BIP39 4-digit number corresponds to the correct recovery word, in the correct order.

6) Mark the CRYO plates
Unscrew the CRYO plate and lay on a flat surface. Find the CRYO plate starting with 1-6 on the top row.
Each column represents a single word/BIP39 number in order. And each column (i.e. 1-6) has 4 sub-columns with grid cells that represent a single number from 0-9.

Start with column 1 on the plate. Find the first word and the corresponding 4-digit BIP39 number in the Recovery Phrase sheet.

Use your pen or permanent marker to make a “dot” in the grid square that corresponds to each digit.

For example, if the first word on the Recovery Phrase sheet is “alien”, the BIP39 number is “0051”. Find the CRYO plate with 1-6 on the top row.

Then in column 1 make a mark that corresponds to the digit 0 in sub-column 1. Then 0 in sub-column 2. Then 5 in sub-column 3. Then 1 in sub-column 4.

Continue for each word until complete. Double-check to make sure the numbers can recreate the recovery phrase in the correct order.

7) Use the punch tool to permanently mark each “dot”
Place the punch tool straight over over each mark. With downward force press firmly until the punch tool makes an indent onto the steel plate. Continue until all dots are indented.
You can either keep the pen marks or use a wet napkin to wipe away the ink.

8) Final safety measures
Check to make sure you are 100% certain the BIP39 numbers can recreate the original seed phrase. Then shred, burn or properly dispose of the Recovery Phrase sheet.

Screw the plates together and store your new CRYO seed backup in safe place!