How many seed words can the CRYO store?

The CRYO DOT can store up to 24 seed words. The CRYO SLIM and CARD can each store up to 48 words.

Why do I need to backup my seed phrase?

If you lose access to your private key you lose access to your crypto PERMANENTLY. Hardware wallets do not last forever and are subject to data loss as well as damage. Mobile wallets are subject to lost phones, crashes and deletion. Storing your seed phrase on a computer can lead to hackers stealing you cryptocurrency. An offline backup can prevent a catastrophic loss of your crypto.

Where do I find my recovery phrase?

Typically the recovery phrase will be created and displayed by your hardware or digital wallet when it is initially set up. For best practice, it is advised to NEVER use a pre-generated seed phrase that is already

Is the order of the recovery words important?

Yes it is VERY IMPORTANT that you record your phrase words in the correct order. A recovery seed in the wrong order will not be able to restore the wallet.

What is BIP39?

BIP39 is the open-source industry standard used by most cryptocurrency wallets to generate private keys. It is an alphabetical word list of 2048 words. The first word 'Abandon' is number '0001' The last word 'Zoo' is number '2048'. All the words in between also have a correlating number. Check out the list here.

Why does the CRYO DOT store numbers instead of words?

Each of the BIP39 list words can be converted to a four digit number. Instead of using the BIP39 words we use the BIP39 numbers so we can create the most compact seed storage device available. 

How can I convert the numbers back into words?

Use the BIP39 list included in the instructions booklet OR find the BIP39 word list online located here: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt

Am I dependent on CRYO or another third party?

No. As long you have your BIP39 words recorded on the CRYO you will be able you use the universal, open-source BIP39 list to convert back to your recovery phrase to restore your wallet.

What is the CRYO made of?

CRYO is made with industrial 304 stainless steel that is fire, water and corrosion resistant.

Can the CRYO withstand a house fire?

Yes. A typical house fire has temperatures around 1200°F. The CRYO can withstand temperatures up to 2500°F.

Help! My automatic punch tool is not working!

Visit our troubleshooting page to fix the issue.

What is your return policy?

If you send us a return request within 30-days we will refund you 100% as long as the CRYO is unused and unopened.

What about your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your CRYO for any reason let us know and we will refund your purchase.