How to Use the Automatic Punch Tool

  1. Position the tip of the punch tool on the plate vertically and press downward. You should feel very light resistance (pin spring) followed by heavier resistance (hammer spring).
  2. Continue pushing down until the tool clicks (fires) and makes a mark on the plate.
  3. Release any downward pressure and repeat until finished. 

Quick Fixes

In some cases the tool may need to be slightly adjusted to improve performance.

  1. Rotate the tool in your hand about 60 degrees and test a few different rotation positions while pressing down.
  2. Press down on the plate with the tip at a very slight angle. You should feel heavy resistance if the pin is pushing the hammer properly.

Troubleshooting Solutions

ISSUE: As I press down I do not feel heavier resistance. It fails to catch properly and does not fire.
SOLUTION: Adjust the internal pin spring

  1. Unscrew the front of the punch tool. Remove only the internal pin + spring.
  2. Examine the rear end of the spring. The smaller end of the pin should be very close or touching the spring. Most issues occur when the pin is too centered.
  3. Remove the spring from the pin. Notice the spring has smaller coils at the front of the spring.
  4. Bend the smaller coils away from the larger coils to create more of an angle.
  5. Reinsert the pin into the spring. Verify the end of the pin is either touching or close to the spring (and not centered).
  6. Reassemble the tool and test. If it does not fire move to the next solution.


ISSUE: I feel heavy resistance and press down hard but the tool does not fire.
SOLUTION: Add oil to the hammer cylinder

  1. Unscrew the rear end cap of the tool.
  2. Remove the spring and the hammer cylinder.
  3. Wipe any debris from side of the hammer with the hole. Add some oil or lubricant (even olive oil) to the surface.
  4. Reassemble the tool and test.


ISSUE: I tried both of these solutions but they did not work for me.

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